September 30, 2006 - Planting of 250 Trees

The planting locations were selected and marked with flags beforehand and the holes were made the day before the planting. We had three colors of flags, one for each variety of Pine.
The pines planted were Ponderosa Pine, Chinese Pine & Jack Pine.

Location "A"
Location "B"

Seven people volunteered for the planting, Jake, Akis, Nick, Vlad, Sarah, Harold & Kiril. Everyone was wearing reflective vest and had a specific task.
Here Vlad, Jake and Harold are picking up the tree seedlings from the truck.

Sarah is watering the planted seedlings at location "A"
Finishing the location "A". Akis, Vlad and Jake are collecting the flags from the site.
Jake and Vlad are working in a team planting in location "B".
The volunteers were very passionate and organized in their work and the project was completed in 3 hours, with 250 tree planted. Currently, only the yellow protective sleeves are visible, but in the years to come these pines are going to purify the air, beautify the roads and carry our memories and hope.