October 27, 2006 - Planting of 250 Trees

This planting was done in Chicago at the north side of I-55 and east of Western in an area that is about 1600 ft long.

A view from the east of the planting area prior to the event
It was a short notice planting and only 4 volunteers attended the planting (Alexandra, Sarah, Kiril and Harold). The location for each tree was marked with the flags the day before the planting. 250 trees, consisting of Ponderosa Pine, Chinese Pine and Jack Pine were ready to find their home. This planting took longer because the holes had to be drilled and there were fewer people. After 6 hours of hard work, all the trees were planted and all the protective sleeves were in place around the trees. We were happy and satisfied with the productive afternoon and the great teamwork that made it possible to achieve these results.
There was a great view of the downtown Chicago skyline...

Some happy pictures were taken...
Kiril with a power drill
Harold in action
Sarah enjoying the beauty of the tree seedling
Another 250 trees found their home and the opportunity serve the planet and humanity. Four fulfilled volunteers went home, slept deeply and had beautiful dreams.