History and Experience

Trees planted by Harold, Technology and Results

Back in the '90s, Harold planted many seedlings of a variety of tree species. Many of these species had a hard time surviving in the harsh environment along the highways. Some trees proved to be resistant to the air pollution, salt during the winter, poor soil quality, drought, insects and diseases. Seeds from the surviving trees were collected and used for germination and future plantings. The high quality genetic pool, improved planting technology and prior experience help to achieve above a 90% survival for the planted trees.

A variety of techniques were used to achieve these results. For example, protective sleeves were placed around the seedlings to help them survive the first years.

The picture below shows the protective sleeves breaking down by the sun's UV light. At this point, after 9 years, they are not needed by the tree and are discarded. The iron wire that supported the sleeve will also degrade over time.

Samples of the past successes are given below:

These are trees planted in 1997 at the southwest corner of I-290 and North Road in Elmhurst, IL.Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa) planted in 1997

These are trees planted in 1996 at the SE corner of I-290 and York Road in Elmhurst, IL.

Scotch Pine (Pinus sylvestris) planted in 1996

These are healthy trees that make a difference around the highways of Chicago. In the last 20 years, many trees were planted by Trees Across The Miles and we are committed to expand this mission to include many more roads in Illinois and the United States.
In just two planting sessions in 2006 (Sep. & Oct.), 500 trees found a home. As support and enthusiasm builds for this project, the impact can expand over time.