April 21, 2007 --- 250 Trees Planted at I-90/94 and I-55

Ten volunteers (Jeko, Kuni, Tom, Harold, Sarah, Mike, Amy, Sarah, Kiril and Tim) made this event not only possible but a joyful celebration of Earth Day.
The event took place only two miles southwest of the Chicago Green Festival.

Location: I-55 (Franklin Connector)

We were blessed to have the most beautiful weather in the month. It took us about 2 hours to place the tree seedlings in the pre-drilled holes, to install the protective nets and to water the trees. It was hard work, but joyful and fulfilling work.

The location was a
composition of four areas creating a green tree hug for the highway.

It is the most visible location we have planted. It is on both sides of I-90/94 and the Red CTA line, on the south side of I-55 , directly next to the Metra railroad and next to 26th street just south of Chinatown.