Saturday - April 14, 2007 --- 250 Trees Planted by 15 volunteers

Location: southeast corner of I-90 and Cumberland

Accomplished Goal: To plant at least 250 trees and trash removal from central the planting area

The work was done by a team of 15 volunteers, Katie, Tim, Tom, Laurie, Candy, Carrie, Adam, Jeko, Kuni, Prathap, Matt, Elizabeth, Daniel, Harold and Kiril. We had great time together and enjoyed creating life and beauty for the people in Chicago.

Once the trees grow larger, they will be visible from the I-90 and the CTA blue line. When traveling east on I-90, you will have have a relaxing view of beautiful pine trees on the hill next to the highway. When riding the CTA blue line, you can enjoy the 1000 feet along an evergreen lined route to the south. This is a beauty that gets better and better over the years and it was made possible by a passionate group of volunteers committed to making a difference in Chicago and the world.

The volunteers had fun while working towards a greater future for Chicago and humanity. We all know that by contributing to others we grant our access to unlimited happiness for ourselves.